All you're forced to feel
All those facts are truly lies
Mortar beetween them bricks
Them braces of our lifes

I can hear them bricks and walls
And the fear amongst them cries
The tune tortures my ears
O great tune of earthly trials

Streetlights in tired eyes breathin' gasoline
I'm bound to this town but my heart is over the hills

O Lord my heart gone old
Nothing O nothing I'd love to fight
Only the things I've done
Remain and what justified
Them all gone
Them O Lord all gone
Only our sins remain and them all gone

Streetlights in blinded eyes now leavin all behind
I know I'm bound to this town I'm leavin it all behind

All good all fine
Up against the flow I walk
This old river I know well
Up to North it leads me home
All good all fine
Up against the flow I walk
This old river will baptize me
With the wash my sins go down


from Those Miles We Walked Alone special vinyl edition, released August 1, 2016
Recorded at Standing Waves Studio, Egerszalók, Hungary in 2016



all rights reserved


The Devil's trade Budapest, Hungary

TDT is a one man gang chained to some burden that he pulls through his ways leaving tracks behind to lead or guide mostly him which directions not to and which to go again. The legs are old wounded up to the knees as the tracks are that deep and filled with sticks and stones but strict marks that lead him where he wants to arrive. His music is the dust he shakes during this pilgrimage of his. ... more

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